Park Chinois is split across two floors.

Salon de Chine is the stunning ground floor, showcasing the best of French Chinoiserie.

Club Chinois is our underground hideaway that engages your senses and taste buds.

Dedicated to Dining

Salon de Chine

Entertainment Dining

Club Chinois

Cocktails & Drinks

The Bars


Discover our luxurious private dining rooms.

Boasting two private dining rooms and one semi-private dining space.

9 Guests

Salon Noir

12 Guests

Salon Rouge

18 Guests

The Opera

License Update

We would like to inform you of a proposed change to the license conditions at our venue, Park Chinois – 17 Berkeley Street, Mayfair.

We are holding an open evening on Monday the 25th November 2019, between 17:30 to 19:00, at Moncks of Dover St.  Residents of 33 Dover St or Mayfair & St James Residents Association will have a first-hand opportunity to hear our proposed plans. This discussion is two-way and we look forward to building a relationship with you and your fellow residents.


If the above time is not suitable, or if you would like to send across any feedback then please contact