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Discover our luxurious private dining rooms.

Boasting two private dining rooms and one semi-private dining space.

9 Guests

Salon Noir

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Salon Rouge

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The Opera

Live Music Schedule in Salon de Chine

As you sashay into Salon de Chine you will enter our decadent Shanghai dining room. Sit back and be entertained by live music and dinner in the heart on London…enjoy the dulcet tones of our signature live bands, and choose from the likes of handmade Dim Sum, Wagyu beef ribs and rich, oozy Chocolate fondant.


This week we have:

Mon April 25th :  Billie & The House Band
Tue  April 26th :  Ivy & The House Band
Wed April 27th :  Stella & The House Band
Thu  April 28th :  Jojo & The House Band
Fri   April 29th :   Ella & The House Band
Sat  April 30th :  Charlie Flint Trio (lunch)
Sat  April 30th :  Bryony & The House Band
Sun May 1st :    Trio Cervantes (lunch)
Sun May 1st  :   Gabrielle & The House Band