Park Chinois is split across two floors.

Salon de Chine is the stunning ground floor, showcasing the best of French Chinoiserie.

Club Chinois is our underground hideaway that engages your senses and taste buds.

Dedicated to Dining

Salon de Chine

Entertainment Dining

Club Chinois

Cocktails & Drinks

The Bars


Discover our luxurious private dining rooms.

Boasting two private dining rooms and one semi-private dining space.

9 Guests

Salon Noir

12 Guests

Salon Rouge

18 Guests

The Opera

A new era for Park Chinois

We opened our iconic red doors in November 2015 as an elegant Dinner & Dance restaurant that harked back to the Golden era of 1930s Shanghai. Since then, we have had the pleasure of serving guests from all over the world and have established ourselves as a unique dining destination. Over those three years, we naturally shifted from Dinner & Dance, into more of a Supperclub & Cabaret; somewhere to enjoy live singers as you dine or turn it up a notch with our mischievous cabaret. Now it is time to move into a new era for Park Chinois.

From April onwards, Salon de Chine will focus solely on bold Chinese cuisine, great drinks and service and the live music will retire. Club Chinois will be our dedicated live entertainment venue and will play host to the unique Park Chinois experience of DJ’s, performance and late night revelry all centered on food and drink.

For Park Chinois, continuing to be a world-class dining experience means experimenting and evolving; after all, the 1930s did not stand still and neither will we!

We look forward to you experiencing the new era of Salon De Chine. If you have already booked and would like to discuss this booking please call our Reservations Team on +44 (0) 20 3327 8888.